This will help guide you on which discus to buy for a variety of levels of throwers.  It examines flight, feel, cost and durability.  Be sure to read before making your next purchase.

This Video teaches proper discus and shot putting techniques for the glide and spin. It covers grip and release, as well as several progressions starting with the stand throw and ending with the full turn. Included are over 10 drills for each event, assisting both the beginning and more advanced throwers. The breakdown of drills and the simplicity of explanations make this video a great tool for high school athletes and coaches.

Luke Sullivan's All-American Throws clinic was held for 18 consecutive years but due to COVID and family commitments, I have chosen to not continue it.  I loved getting to work with Wisconsin athletes and throwers from around the Midwest, but at this time I have to stop.  :(

Athletes wishing to receive one-on-one training in the shot put or discus may contact Luke for personalized coaching.  Groups are also welcome. 

Luke has coached athletes in the discus, shot put, javelin and hammer.  Many athletes have gone on to win/place at their state meets and compete at the college level. 

Luke Sullivan became the head throws coach at Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, AZ in 2011.  Inheriting a situation with limited numbers and talent, Luke has transformed it  into an elite program with multiple throwers qualifying for the AZ State Meet each year.  

All-American Throws clinic

(No longer being held)

Luke Sullivan's A.P.T-  Throws Club

 "Taking shot put and discus technique to new......  Distances

Luke Sullivan's Arizona Performance Throws started as an effort to give back to the sport that benefited Luke so much.  He began competing at the age of twelve, and would go on to be a 4 time All-American at UCLA, and qualify for 3 Olympic Trials in the discus.  During that time Luke was assisted by many people and multiple organizations.  The transition from competitor to coach came easily. Since his retirement from active throwing in 2008 he has worked with athletes from age 7 to 70 with great success! Luke's clinics focus on proper throwing techniques in the discus and shot put and involve concentrated individualized analysis of each athlete's form. 

Accepting Athletes

Learn from the best! Luke Sullivan, personal trainer and owner of Pinnacle Fitness is offering his services both in the weight room as well as on the track.  Luke is certified by the NSCA(National Strength & Conditioning Association) specializing in working with athletes of all ages and fitness levels.  He has coached over 20 state champions in multiple states in his coaching tenure. If you would like to learn more about his coaching or strength conditioning services, please call Pinnacle Fitness at 480.306.7187 or email Type your paragraph here.